Safekloud pricing is straightforward and uncomplicated

  • You pay for storage
  • You pay nothing for software or apps
  • Increase your storage as needed

Safekloud plans

Our plans are based on the size of your available storage

There are no limitations specific to a certain plan. If you are looking for a custom plan, or have specific needs as to which Nextcloud apps are available, please see “Shared platform” below.

Nextcloud SK10

EUR 6.5


10 GB storage

Nextcloud SK25

EUR 10


25 GB storage

Nextcloud SK50

EUR 15


50 GB storage

Nextcloud SK100

EUR 25


100 GB storage

Nextcloud SK250

EUR 55


250 GB storage

Nextcloud SK500

EUR 105


500 GB storage

Nextcloud clients

Download Nextcloud clients to suit your needs

You can access all your files with a modern web browser. If you want sync capabilities, you can use Nextcloud clients for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and/or Android.

Shared platform

Safekloud is a shared platform based on Nextcloud. Some apps are available, but not all. If you are interested in a fully managed and isolated Nextcloud instance for your company or organization, check out WebbPlatsen’s other Nextcloud plans.

If you choose Nextcloud hosting from WebbPlatsen, you have total freedom as to which apps are installed. In such an environment, you may also want to inquire about Collabora Online for a better Office experience in the cloud. WebbPlatsen is an authorized Collabora partner.