WebbPlatsen delivers Nextcloud and Collabora platforms to EU project

Since November 2022, WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB is supplying a solution based on Nextcloud and Collabora online to a larger EU project. The project has around 800 users from all EU member states.

Apart from using Nextcloud for general file and document management, the Collabora Online platform is used to serve documents and supply real-time editing and collaboration features to the solution.

Nextcloud apps like Calendar, Comments, PDF-reader, and Talk are also activated and in use.

The entire solution is hosted and operated in Sweden.

Non-EU cloud services like OneDrive, Google Drive, M365/O365, etc were never candidates for this project since a fundamental requirement was a GDPR compliant solutions, regardless of grey zone adequacy decisions.

If your company or organization is in need of a GDPR compliant solution for collaboration, and file and document management, which is not in the infamous “grey zone”, or want to know more about Nextcloud and Collabora Online, please contact sales@webbplatsen.se

WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB has been delivering GDPR compliant Internet solutions since 1998 and is an official Collabora partner.

We are a Swedish supplier of Internet solutions, hosting, management, and development. We often work with open solutions and platforms like Nextcloud, Collabora, Jitsi, WordPress, Redmine, and Mastodon to name a few. All of our hosting is in Sweden and/or the EU.